Monday, September 8, 2014

77th Letter 9-8-14

Pictures: 1-Mission Companions "Trio"   2-Maravilhosa Family

My Sweet Family,

How are all of you? I hope you are all super well!

This week we had some big changes! We had a surprise Tuesday from President Parrela and we ended up receiving a new elder, Elder Jordan Peterson (Wisconsin), who was serving in California for 11 months! Now I can´t feel too bad for my 9-month delay there in Colorado. But now we are in a trio and are training him, mostly in Portuguese. He is a stud and is learning very fast! It is good because I know how he is feeling so I can help him out. So another Trio! I didn´t think it would be possible as a zone leader, but I was proven wrong. Ha-ha! I think the Lord is telling me I need to be a better companion or something. Ha-ha.

But this wasn’t the only big change! The work this week took a giant jump!! We had a ton of success finding 11 new investigators, having 9 investigators at sacrament meeting and we marked a few baptism dates! We have a vision to baptize 5-7 people this month! It is true how everyone says after a trailing time always will come the blessing! This is what happened this week! Also, It was super cool that I got to do a bunch of splits with members to teach some people. Was a good challenge for my Portuguese being able to talk a lot more during the lessons, because usually the members will testify and teach only a little. But every lesson went very spiritual and a great blessing for me and the members that taught with me!

This week we were walking to an appointment and we saw a man named José who has 90 years sitting in the front of his house. We stopped to talk with him and he told us that the elders talked with him once before. We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was very strong! He is super funny and says funny stuff about the surrounding churched in the area and asked us a lot of question of how ours is. His wife, who is 33, gave her church R$1.000, which is about $500 and José was very mad about this. He is very healthy still and can walk slow but well. He wanted to learn more and go to church. We passed by his house and taught him more and at the end of the week we had a chorrasco! He came with us and loved it! He was even able to eat quite a bit of meat with his dentures! : ) Ha-ha, We invited him to be baptized on the 20th and he accepted and he went to church Sunday! He looks pretty promising and loves all the members. He really likes me for some reason and calls me an angel. Ha-ha-ha!

This week we had an amazing opportunity to help a drunk man, who was passed-out in the middle of the street. So, we were walking to an appointment and we were a little late so we were rushing. We passed by a man in the median, middle of the road, with blood on his forehead, ragged dirty clothes, and his shoes were off. You should know that this isn´t something too strange here in Brazil. But as we rushed by I received a prompting that we needed to help him. I called the 2 other elders and we went back. We woke the man up and asked him if we could help him. Being hung-over it was difficult to understand him, but we were able to put his shoes on and walk him away from the middle of the road to the side of the road. He was thanking us very much and kissed our hands as we were helping him walk to a bench so he could sit down. He said he was very hungry so we went and bought him some food and water. We sat with him on the side of the road as many people passed by, and we talked about Jesus Christ with him. We marked another visit with him, but when we went there he wasn´t there. This experience was very amazing. I never felt so good giving service as I did that moment. We all felt the spirit and the love of Heavenly Father very strong. I don’t know if we will ever see him again or if he even remembers us, but I know I felt the Savior’s love for him...What a humbling experience it was.

The week really went great! I am feeling a lot more content with the work and we are finding success! I hope all of you are blessed with opportunities to serve others this week and to feel this love the Savior gives to every one of us!

Mom, we are all doing very well here. We 3 are getting along well! I am glad Amy dropped her Calculus class. She had like 6 classes! It would have been tough work! Amanda and Shaye’s house is looking awesome! Wow!!! I love the pictures as well! : )

Dad, the zone is doing awesome. I am finally being able to meet all missionaries and become good friends with them. The sisters in the pictures, two are Americans. The one on the middle returned home this past week. Cool to hear about the Piano Guys! Everyone loves them here! When I tell them about Shaye and Amanda they can hardly believe it! That is super sad about Breck´s car burning up!! Will he receive another? Looks like the football season is going awesome!  Looks like I will arrive home just in time to miss it all! : (

I love you all very much! : )
Elder Hauck

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