Friday, September 5, 2014

76th Letter 9-1-14

 Picture: After District Meeting

Another very busy week here in Santa Marta. I will have to say sorry for this e-mail, because it won’t be too long and the computer I am using doesn’t let me use a question mark, or exclamation marks...ha-ha. Like I said, the week went busy and as I reflect back it is kind of hard to remember all the things that happened. Good thing I am keeping my journal up to date so I can remember all these awesome things that have happened.

The Zone work is doing well. All the missionaries are doing supper well, and Elder Pontes and I are working hard to help the missionaries do better here as well as making our area a model for the rest the zone and mission.

Something really cool that happened this week was one of the lessons that we had. It was late at night and we were very tired. It was funny because I was thinking about what I would eat when I get home and how excited I was to return home and sleep. Ha-ha, but I caught myself thinking about this and stopped myself. We still had time to work. So we continued and found a family that aren´t all members at home. We were sitting there getting to know them and we called everyone to join us to hear our message. There were almost 7 in all. Also, they were very excited with the fact they had an American in their home. Ha-ha, they asked me a lot of questions, one question from Marcelo who is about 18 asked, “And the girls there, are they pretty?” When he said this we all had a good laugh. Ha-ha!

So we started to teach them the restoration of the gospel and the lesson went super well. They all understood very well and paid attention. When we got to the first vision the spirit hit very strong. The outside world seemed to be silent and they all were wide-eyed waiting to know what happened next. We finished the lesson very well and invited those that have not been baptized to be baptized. Marcelo, the guy who made the good question, was very touched by the lesson and I asked him how he felt and he said he felt different. We explained to him that he was feeling the spirit. We will continue to work with this family as well with Marcelo, who is reading the BOM and seems to be elect now.

We had a lot of good lessons this week, but the other I want to talk about was with Ivone and Sara, two middle aged ladies that understand well. We talked a lot about the priesthood with them and they understand well of the importance of authority and the importance they have to be baptized with this authority. This lesson went so well that it strengthened my testimony of the priesthood. It is so important that we priesthood holders act worthily in all that we do. This power and authority we have is special and not many people have it or even understand it. They both ended up coming to church today and loved the meetings.

Time is flying by... it scares me. Ha-ha! I know my efforts here are going to a great and beautiful cause and I am grateful for every minute I have to serve as a missionary in the true church of Jesus Christ.

Mom, I am excited to receive the package. Sounds like you and dad like the house all for yourselves. Amy is taking a lot of classes. I hope it won’t be stressful for her. I remember I had 5 classes at the U and it was rough. I love hearing of your joy and loving spirit mom. I love you

Dad, things are improving in all aspect here in Santa Marta. I feel more comfortable giving advice when it is needed and Elder Pontes has more respect for me now. Our area isn´t too big, like 15 minutes to walk from one side to the other, so we walk the whole time. When we have to go to the city we always use the public transportation. Our area is at the entrance of Santa Maria, so it isn´t too big, but is busy with a lot more people. Dad, “O que um bando de maricas?”  You are calling the Utes a group of gays? Ha-ha! Thank you for the sports update man. Ha-ha! Love you!

I love you all!


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