Monday, September 29, 2014

80th Letter 9-29-14

Pictures: (1) Two of the kids in this family were Baptized Saturday in Santa Marta. 
(2) Elder Rocha and I made Hot Dogs!

Dear Beautiful Family of Mine,
So I am here in Uruguaiana now and I am warming up to it here...It is a big difference from the huge ward in Santa Marta, but I will get used to it here and learn to love it here as well. Uruguaiana is like a mix between Itaqui and São Borja, which were the first 2 areas that I passed through. It is the second biggest city in the mission and I think the biggest zone. We have 28 missionaries and 8 of them are sisters. I don’t know all the missionaries yet, but I am getting to know them.

This week we had a lot of traveling to do and a big meeting. But before all of this I was able to say good-bye to all the members and investigators that I was close to in Santa Marta. I took a lot of pictures so I can remember all of them and I have a little book where they can write a little something to me and leave their e-mail for me. 

Wednesday is when we had our meeting in Santa Maria. All the Zone Leaders arrived there and so I got to see a few elders from my MTC group. From my MTC district, 5 of us are ZL´s, which is pretty awesome! And the rest are District Leaders. I am super proud of these elders and we have gained a friendship eternal from this awesome work!
So the meeting went super good! As a mission counsel we talked about new ideas in the mission and what ones we will add to the mission and what not. Some of the missionaries are having a problem with their ward mission leaders being lazy and not helping with the work. I was able to share with them the experience that Elder Cotrim and I had with Irmâo Joâo in itaqui. When he was sad with the work and wasn´t too excited to continue as the missionary leader. We planned a lesson for him and gave him a blessing to help him in the work. I think it gave some other missionaries some ideas to help out their leaders.

After the meeting we visited some of my new companion’s friends here in Santa Maria. He served here so he wanted to stop by and see them and we had the whole day free so we did this. We left the following afternoon to Uruguaiana, which is an 8-hour bus ride. 

Pretty much the week was over by the time we got here but Elder Silveira, my new companion, and I got to work and were able to find some success. We have 3 girls that are very close to getting baptized and we just need to work with the parents a little more. This is one thing that I think is kind of wrong here...The missionaries are only working with teenagers. Of course it is good work, but we should be bringing whole families and adults to the church. We will see how the work goes. 

I am sorry about the boring e-mail this week. Next week will be a lot better! :)

Mom, the city I am at now is super pretty! You should look at it on Google maps. I got the package from you and am loving the Chips Ahoy! :) I think sending the Christmas package to the mission office would be better too...I will try to think of the things I need. I don’t think I need too much. Sounds like your week went great and that is awesome about your trip to Mexico! I am excited for you two! :) I am glad to hear Chris Abraham´s talk went well! He will do awesome as a missionary! Emme is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Thanks for the photos.

Dad, the transfer went well and the new work is great! Tell The Carlson´s and Sister Trader I say hi and that I love them! The weather here is very cool and rainy. In Santa Marta it was a lot hotter and my allergies were killing me there! Here my allergies aren´t bothering me and I think summer will be a lot calmer here! :)

I love all of you até o pó! :)

Elder Hauck

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