Monday, October 6, 2014

81st Letter 10-6-14

Photos: 1-The Zone   2-My companion & I

Dear Family,

I hope you all had a great Conference weekend. Here in Brazil all the members and we were very excited. My companion and I made invitations and invited everyone in the streets! The words of the leaders of the church are so inspiring and really bring back that fire that we as missionaries and member need! I am so grateful for the Prophet and the leaders of our true church. They alone are a witness of the restoration of the true and eternal gospel.

This week was a pretty good week. The work is slowly improving by means of our efforts and the help of a few members. We have a long way to go though. We were able to teach a few good lessons that turned out to be very spiritual. We have about 5 investigators that seem they could progress, but the rest are a little light.

It is hard going from an area so strong where we could teach all day long and receive a ton of success and spiritual promptings to an area where we spend the whole day walking and looking for new people to teach. It is rough, but makes part of the mission and challenge. The Lord has something great for me here and I want to find what it is!

The highlight of the week was watching General Conference! So after using the whole week inviting everyone we could we ended up having not one investigator show up.... ha-ha. But we did have a less active lady named Vilma come, which made us very happy. So usually when we Americans watch conference we can watch it in English, so after helping the bishop here set up the projector, satellite and audio I set up a room, with a TV for us Americans to watch it in English. Well after the first talk on Saturday we received a message from President Parrela saying all Americans will watch GC in Portuguese this weekend! So this kind of upset us Americans, but it turned out all right watching it all in Portuguese. I just feel bad for the 2 sister missionaries that arrived here 3 weeks ago and can´t understand much yet. But I think it turned out all right.

My favorite talks were from Christofferson, Uchtdorf, Monson, Holland, Scott and the talk from Bednar was super good too! I seriously loved Conference!

Also, Presidente didn´t let us watch the priesthood session. So you guys will have to let me know how it went.

Mom, so my new companion is from São Paulo and has 1 year and 6 months on the mission. He talks a lot of slang and it is pretty funny at times. We are getting along well and want to improve the work here. To be honest I don’t know too many of the members yet. Mainly the bishop and ward mission leader. They are both awesome. The bishop got us a new investigator Saturday night and the lesson went super good with him!

Dad, it’s sad to hear about the Cougars. About school, I think I will study at Dixie for a bit and then move to the U after…Don’t know for sure yet though. Estou falando com algumas moças, mas nada serio pai. :) The football season sounds crazy!!

I love you guys!! : )
Elder Bradley Jason Hauck

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