Monday, October 13, 2014

82nd Letter 10-13-14

My Beloved Family,

I have realized my e-mails have been slacking and I am sorry. I hope this e-mail will make up for the past few. 

So, I am doing well in my new area and I am learning many new things about the gospel, the work and myself. Learning is a great blessing of the Lord. I can´t stop thinking about the scripture D&C 50:24 which talks about light and how we can receive more and more light until our understanding is bright! How true this is! My new companion is a goof and we are having fun. On occasion we do our pranks (false pizza orders in his name, early morning alarms and what not) with the other elders in our apartment, but I think they are getting mad so we may have to stop. Ha-ha! Elder Silveira likes to talk about cars, dogs (mainly pit bulls) and girls. Ha-ha! He is a good elder though. So don’t worry. Ha-ha!
I am starting to grow a better relationship with the members here and we are growing the work together.

So this week we had some exciting stuff happen. On Monday we had an appointment planned to talk with the father of Luisa, liessa, and Laticia about their baptism. So the dad is an in-active member but still has a testimony of the church. He works out of town a lot so it is hard for him to go to church. But we talked with him and it went well! We explained our purpose and told him he has to authorize their baptism. He said that in the end of the month he would see if the girls are ready for baptism. These 3 girls are super sweet and love the church, so I don’t see any problem arising soon or ever.

Tuesday, we had a good day of work and it was super HOT! I think my tan came back in just one day! : ) Ha-ha!  But one super cool thing that happened today is we had our meeting with Irmão Sando, our ward mission leader who reminds me of Shaye. The meeting went very well as we planned for the activity that would happen Friday. After our meeting he bought a big pizza for the sisters and us. We have sisters that work in our ward too, and they are very good sisters. So this topped off the night great!

Wednesday was a busy, busy day as well and it was hot as well! We taught a lot of lessons and found some new investigators. Besides the spiritual lessons not too much happened.

Thursday, the weather changed quickly and it was cold again! This weather is just asking for me to get sick! Ha-ha! But we used today to invite everyone to the family night activity that was Friday.

Friday, we taught a very sad man. Before this day we only talked with him through the intercom in the front of the apartment complex, but today he let us enter. He was crying like a little baby and explained to us that he has nothing and how his family has abandoned him. He told us how he wants to end his life because he can’t handle the pain and sadness anymore. Also, before we got there he was at the hospital and was diagnosed with something that doesn´t seem too great. The spirit was very strong as we comforted this 60+ year old man and we had a prayer and shared the plan of salvation with him. The lesson cheered him up and by the end of the lesson he stopped crying and accepted the invitation to be baptized.

The activity went super good! Two members shared a message and the sisters did pie your face with questions that we had to answer and if you didn´t get it right the opponent pied you in the face. It went super good but made a wild mess of the church building...ha-ha! We spent the next morning cleaning the chapel and now it is very pretty! : )

After cleaning the chapel we had a baptism interview of a 9-year-old girl in another ward. She is super smart and you wouldn´t believe the response she gave when I asked her what she understands about the law of chastity. Ha-ha! Later Saturday night she was baptized. We also had a great lesson with a new family.

Sunday, we had a lot of people at church today! We also had 5 investigators that we hope to baptize this month!

The week went by fast and we found good success! My excitement is growing in this new area and I am praying we will build this ward up! 

Mom, I hope that the email was able to answer your questions. I am studying in the Book Of Mormon about Captain Moroni and also about the atonement, which seems to be a lifelong study…ha-ha! Studying the Atonement in Portuguese seems so much different...I don’t know why, but I think the words that are used in the scriptures are a little clearer to me. It is super cool! Mexico will be a great trip for you and Dad! Mom, you are right, your husband is a stud! Ha-ha! I love you Mom!

Dad, that picture I sent last week is of my new zone here in Uruguaiana. Sounds like you are keeping busy with all the work you do! I am excited to help you out when I get back! Love you! Oh and it’s sad about the BYU cougars.

Have a great week!! : )

Elder Hauck

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