Monday, October 20, 2014

83rd Letter 10-20-14

Photos:1-The view from our apartment. 2-Zone Conference with Elder Cotrim. 
3-We had a bird friend that entered our apartment.

 Dear Family,

Another pretty good week here in Uruguiana! We had a zone conference, which went super well, and we learned a bunch about temple and family history work. I don’t know if you guys heard of the change in Preach my Gospel, about how we need to teach lesson 5 (laws and ordinances) before baptism now. This change is a great change that is helping in the work! I feel a lot more comfortable sharing about the temple, priesthood and the other amazing things we have in the church. Before it was a little complicated, not wanting to share too much information and scare the investigator away, but with the change many people are ready to receive the good news of the restored gospel! Now we are using the temple and family history work a lot more in our proselyting.

The Zone Conference went awesome and I was able to see my son, Elder Cotrim. He is doing awesome and it was good to catch up with him. Elder Silveira and I gave training on Russell M. Ballard’s talk on “Staying in the Boat.”  It was rushed but went super well!

This week we found some new investigators and we will see how they progress. The work is very tough here. Many people are closed off and want nothing to do with religion. If you remember how Sâo Borja was, it is kind of like that city...But we are working hard and trying to find the elect.

We had a great family night with Luisa, Laticia and their family. We watched 17 Miracles and I made cookies! My specialty! ;) The family night went great and these two young girls are planned to be baptized in 2 weeks. They love the church and have been going to church for a few months. Their dad is a member, but wasn´t letting them be baptized, but now he is letting them.

We also have a lady and her son that are very close to baptism. Her name is Ruth and her son is Gabriel and they are both very smart. Gabriel is only 9, but is smarter than some 15 year olds here. Ha-ha!

It is crazy to think that I may only have one more zone conference and I will be sharing my departing testimony there...I get sad just thinking about it, but a little happy too... :)

I hope you all are doing awesome and are trying everyday to be a missionary!

Mom, it looks and sounds like your trip is going awesome! :) Dad, here in Uruguiana we have a bunch of people that pass over the bridge from Argentina and sometimes we get to talk to them. I can almost understand everything they say! :) Oh, and don´t worry, we aren´t joking too much with these elders. Ha-ha! Awesome to hear about Grandpa Hauck going to Oman!! As always thanks for the mini sports update! :) Love you guys!!

Elder Hauck

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