Monday, December 1, 2014

89th Letter 12-1-14

Photos: 1- Our zone meeting. 2- Vivi (Patricia and Tiago´s daughter) and I after church…She gave me a flower. 3- Elder Lapray and I helping out with the dedication of the new chapel.

As semanas passam rápido!

Another great week here in Uruguaiana. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week with a lot of food and Football! I didn´t miss out on the a lot of food part, but I did miss out on the Football... ha-ha

All right so this week we taught a good amount of people and we ended up having 7 investigators at church! These 7 are progressing awesomely and I think many of them will be baptized this month! Here in Brazil we are having the “Natal de fé” which means the Christmas of Faith. We have a goal of every missionary will bring one soul to Christ in this month! We and the other missionaries are very excited! We also have a new little card the talks about how He is the present; I think they are doing it there in the US as well. The card has a website/link that takes you to a beautiful video of the birth of Christ! It is super cool and I am excited to use the card.

One crazy thing that happened is when we went to teach Carlos this week. When we got there he wasn´t crying or even sad... and I am sorry to say that it´s not normal for him. Ha-ha! He was Normal and was talking with us normally... He got a new medicine that is helping out and now he is a lot happier. We are working with him a lot and we hope to get him in the church so he can get baptized. 

One day this week I went on comp. exchanges with one of the District leader and it went very good. We learned a lot of new things together. His name is Elder Molina and he arrived with Elder Gois (my son). Oh I don´t think I told you guys. That Elder Gois and Elder Contrim are already training new missionaries. Usually President won’t call a trainer until 1 year on the mission! So I was very proud of my two sons being trainers! :) Ha-ha!

Rute and Gabriel are doing awesome. We are working with them closely for this week to be their baptism. I have faith that it will work out! They are both super awesome and ready for baptism!

Patricia and Tiago are doing awesome too! They went to church and they loved it! We helped them out with somethings in their home and we talked more about marriage. We are praying for them a lot so they will set a date here soon...They are elect!

I am loving the work and I am praying that we will find more milagres! We have some difficulties with the members here, but we are working it out. 

Mom, sadly I didn´t eat turkey or potatoes this past week. But I did eat rice and beans! ;) I am glad the Thanksgiving dinner went so well and I am sure you all ate great! Hudson, Amy and Grandma Hirschi are so beautiful! Thanks for the pictures!

Dad, my words of wisdom for “Building the Kingdom of God” are what President Hinckley said, “Forget your self and got to work!” I think about this phrase a lot. Ha-ha! That is super cool about Hudson being baby Jesus in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Piano Guys nativity at BYU! Ha-ha! I want to see a lot of pictures!

I love all of you so MUCH!! Vós Amo!! 
Elder Hauck

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