Monday, December 29, 2014

92nd Letter 12-29-14

Pictures: 1-Ruth´s baptism, 2-Christmas Zone Conference, 3-Christmas party with Patricia & Tiago´s kids.

My awesome, adorable, smart, cool, loving, happy, beautiful, faithful, righteous, funny, sweetest MOM! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so proud to be the son of such an awesome Mom! You have done so much for me in my life that I will always be in debt to you! You are the best example that I have of a loving worthy mother and I am blessed to be part of our eternal family! If there was a competition of the coolest eternal family I think we would win. I hope you had a great Birthday Mom! :)

So as you guys know, the week went awesome. I was able to Skype my beautiful family and it will be the last time Skyping them on the mission, which is pretty cool! I didn’t have a P-day last week so I’ll tell the most important news. Two weeks ago we had 2 baptisms. They both went very good and they are super glad of the decision they made!

The Skyping on Christmas Day helped strengthen the fire in me and I feel reenergized to keep working hard and finishing strong! It is going to be awesome to finish up the mission and return home to start my next adventure!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and I hope you all have a great New Years!

Mom, The Christmas video that Amy made is awesome! She is super talented! Sister Lindsey from Colorado wrote me a while ago and told me about the Hauck relation we have too. How cool is that! You guys will love the Lindsey family when we go to meet them! :) Sounds like many exciting things will happen this next year! I am pumped to get home and be present for all these awesome events! That is cool you guys had a Sunday about Joseph Smith. He is the Man! Mom, I love you the most!

Dad, what awesome pictures you shared with me. Ha-ha! Christmas on the mission sure is special! Love you Dad!

I love you guys! Have a great New Year, with many new goals and plans! :)


Elder Hauck

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