Monday, December 8, 2014

90th Letter 12-8-14

The sun is strong here!

I think I forgot somethings on that list of things I am thankful for. It should include the shade, air conditioner, fans, cold water, and a breeze of air when walking in the street. 

This week was super warm and I am almost black again. I don’t know if I have ever explained to you guys how much we walk here. So we get to walk about 30 minutes just to get to our area and our area is a good-sized area. It is pretty funny how we walk in zigzags looking for the patches of shade in the street so we can at least pass 2 or 3 steps in the shade. What a tender mercy of the Lord! :) Ha-ha!

So the week went pretty good! The baptism didn´t happen because Gabriel got pneumonia and was in the hospital all week. We passed by there 3 times this week to visit him and gave him a blessing. He is doing a lot better now. We are praying that they can be baptized this week! :)

We also are teaching Laisa, Gostavo, and Gabriel II, who want to be baptized next week! We taught them a lot of things this past week and talked with their parents and they want their kids to be baptized! Laisa is Luisa´s (a recent convert) sister and she used to be very shy and never wanted to talk with us, but now she has changed a ton. She is going to activities in the church and now she wants to be baptized. It has been very cool to see here change and be a lot happier! The gospel is very powerful! 

On Wednesday we did companion exchanges again and I stayed in our area with another American. The day went very well and we taught a lot of people. The best lesson of the day was with Alex, a husband of a member, who asked an awesome question, “What do I need to do to be baptized in the church?”

We explained that it would be too difficult and that he wouldn´t be able to do it. Ha-ha just playin’! What a beautiful question! What we really did was explain that he needs to live the gospel and keep the commandments (which he just needs to get married). He said he wants to be baptized and got to the temple with his wife! :) Hallelujah!!
We will see how fast we can get them married and him baptized!

So Saturday we had a zone fast that went very good! I will admit that it was probably the hardest fast I have done in my life. Because of the heat and an act of service that killed my companion and me. So at like 4 o´clock we were walking to a lesson and there was a lady carrying 5 huge bags of pop bottles to recycle, usually the poor here will gather trash to get very little money from the recycling, but she was a little lady and the bottles were falling out of the big heavy bags. So we helped her gather the bottles and offered to help. She was very resistant to accept, but there was no way she could do it alone. We asked her where she needed to go and she didn´t know. So we walked for a good 10 minutes carrying the heavy bags. We then asked a guy in the street if he knew where this little lady lived and he explained. I will just say that it was a trip after this. By the time we got to where she needed to be we were totally sweaty and tired. Remember that this was during our fast as well, so it was 10 times worse. But it was awesome to help her out. There was no way she could have done it alone.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord! What a great feeling we get in our chest when we help others!

Mom, that is awesome about your new friend at work! I will pray that she will have an open heart for the gospel! My companion is well and the zone is awesome! When do you want me to Skype you guys on christmas? Sounds like you are doing awesome, Mom! You are a SUPER MOM!! :) I love you so very much!

Dad, the world’s biggest nativity in Provo that Hudson was baby Jesus in looks super cool! I want to see the video after! 

I Love all of you so very much!

Elder Hauck

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