Monday, December 15, 2014

91st Letter 12-15-14

Photo of Elder Silveira and I on the roof of our house.
O Natal!
WOW, the time is flying! Christmas is already arriving and I have less than 3 months left on the mission! Woohooo! (This is a woohoo half super excited and half sad.) So, we have transfers this week. Elder Silveira and I will stay here as Zone Leaders. It will be another good transfer.  We hope to get some couples married and to baptize a ton!! I hope I will end my mission here. It is likely I will because after this I will only have one more transfer…Holy cow!

So a little about this week…We taught a bunch of people and we found some new investigators. Rute and Gabriel are super close to baptism and it looks like this week it will happen! Gabriel left the hospital Saturday in the afternoon and is doing a lot better now. Laisa will be baptized this week for sure and the following weeks we will have some more for sure. This ward is on fire! :)

We had an awesome lesson with Alex and we brought Bishop to teach with us about marriage. Alex understood well about it all, but I don’t know…he is a little weak. We are super close with him and everything, but when it comes down to doing something more than reading and praying he stops progressing. Tiago and Patricia are doing awesome! They have plans to get married it January!! :) They went to church Sunday and Patricia said, “We are crazy-excited to get baptized, but we have to get married first!” When I heard this I was super excited! They are an elect family! The kids are finally warming up with the members and Victoria, the sweet heart that gave me a flower, is running around the benches with all the other kids during sacrament meeting…ha-ha!

Our Ward Mission Leader is helping out a ton. He even made us chorrasco on Saturday! He is a lawyer and will help us get Alex and his wife and Tiago and Patricia married super fast! 

I am so grateful for the holiday season! I feel a lot more peace and love in my life during this time of year. I am so grateful that I get to spread the true gospel here on the earth! The gospel and my family are the 2 best blessings God has given me! :)

Mom, I will be able to Skype and I think between 9-noon will work perfect! :) I am super excited! I think I will receive your Christmas package next week at our zone conference. Here the Christmas traditions are pretty mild. It is like in the U.S. but with less people celebrating and with less lights, decorations and presents. Christmas Eve they have a big dinner and stay up late and on Christmas morning I don’t think they do too much…Ha-ha! The new Piano Guys Nativity video is awesome!  We are using the Share The Gift project here as a missionary tool! It is working well! I love the pictures! :)

Dad, you are looking like a stud with the new beard and hairstyle! Ha-ha! I love the picture of Millie and Grandma! Tell them both Happy 77th Birthday from me! :) Sorry to hear about Millie falling apart. She is getting old!

I love you all! 
Elder Hauck

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