Monday, January 12, 2015

94th Letter 1-12-15

Hey Family,

I had a great birthday and I felt of the love you all have for me! Thanks for all the great emails! :)

For my birthday we had a family night with some of our recent converts and they bought me a cake! Then we bought pizza with the elders in our apartment!  Also, our district here made a cake and sang to me after out district meeting! My birthday went awesome! :)

The work is going all right. A majority of the city is still pretty dead and we aren´t finding too many new investigators, but I think this week things will liven up a bit. This past week we had an awesome family night where we had questions to be answered and if you were wrong you got pied in the face! Ha-ha! I got to pie some people but I also got pied in the face 2 times. Ha-ha!

I am sorry this email will be short, but know that everything is going great! 

Mom, Sounds like you are teaching some great things to the members there in Gospel Doctrine class! We use the new Bible videos here to teach all the time, they are very powerful! Your question asking who, beside Jesus, I’d like to meet from the New Testament is a very good question. I think I would like to meet John the Baptist because he was the prophet who prepared many things for the Lord. I’d also like to meet John the beloved because he may have had the best relationship with the Savior of all the apostles. Emme is such a cutie!! :)

Dad, I would like a copy of your talk you gave last Sunday about Joseph Smith and the Godhead!

I love all of you guys so very much!

Elder Hauck

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