Monday, January 19, 2015

95th Letter 1-19-15

Pictures: 1 & 2 - Our chorrasco!! :) This is the best family in the ward!! 
2 - I bought a new jersey here in Brazil! :)

Família Haucky e amigos,

Wow, another good week with some new successes! Elder Silveira and I are stepping up the game and working even harder than before. We finally found 6 new investigators that look promising! The weather here is crazy, with a rain storm one minute and a humidity/heat attack the next...At times it tries to hold back the work, but we aren´t having it! 

We had a great family night this week with a family that aren´t all members and it went very well. We had 2 of the daughters on date, but one didn´t go to church so we are thinking about moving the date back to baptize them together. We found 3 young men earlier in the week that like the message and the church. The missionaries already visited them, but stopped visiting them for some reason. We will work with them and see if their mom will let them get baptized.

We had an awesome lesson with Ruth, where we were able to resolve a lot of doubts that she had. She is doing much better now and went to church Sunday! We had a great frequency at church Sunday with 93 people attending! It is good because last week it was only 60. So the members are coming back! :) Ha-ha!

This week the assistants to the mission president came and did a split with Elder Silveira and me. It was good to be ale to work with Elder Heans for a day. We taught a bunch of people this day, because Elder Silveira was in our area too, with the other AP. 

We had a lesson with Alex, who is the husband of a member. We marked their wedding and his baptism date for Jan. 31! We taught with the bishop and his counselor, so the lesson went super good! A lot of things in the work are improving! I like this ward a lot! We started a new thing as well. Every third Sunday of the month, which is missionary work Sunday, we have a lunch at the church with all the recent converts, investigators, less-actives and ward missionaries. We did it for the first time yesterday and it went well!

The feelings I am getting are very strange. I am dreaming a lot about home. Ha-ha

Mom, I am excited to hear where Amy will serve! Sounds like you are busy busy! You are a super Mom! Thank you for the pictures, she is very pretty! :) I love you Mom!!

Dad, do you know what time I will arrive there in St. George? And dad you are exactly right about the end of the mission. I feel like I am staying focused on the work and everything, but of course I am thinking about home and what will happen when I get home. I am pondering a lot about the changes I have made and how I can keep these changes. I think I will take a picture of my goals and send them to you. I love you Dad!

I love you all!

Elder Hauck

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