Monday, February 16, 2015

99th Letter 2-16-15

Dear Fam,

Sorry they don’t celebrate Valentines Day here, but Carnival is arriving. Ha-ha!

Well, it’s been another speedy week that was full of great adventures. We are finding a lot of work here in Santa Rosa and we are growing in our faith. The members here are very special and are helping a lot in the work. I think this is one of the areas that we get the most lessons with members that I have already passed through. The work with members is the best work. It seems like the wards or branches that haven´t figured out how to work with the missionaries are falling behind in the hastening of the work.

This week we went on a lot of splits. One of the days Elder Hayes (American) came with me to my area and the other two days Elder De Melo (Brazilian) came to my area as well. Elder Longo (DL) wanted to do all the splits this week. It went well and it was nice to take ahold of the work a little more. 

This week we taught a lot and found 12 new investigators, which includes 3 families! What a blessing! We are working with Ana and Samuel so they can get baptized on the 28th and then Ludwig and Tatiana will get married and be baptized on the 7th of March. So we have a lot of work to keep us busy. I don’t have too many worries about getting trunky…I think this is something that runs in the family. We don’t have this weakness.

One thing that happened which was cool was our lesson with Ludwig and Tatiana. We shared a lesson about the Book of Mormon and how God works through plain and simple things. The family liked the message a lot and Ludwig bore his testimony of how he came to recognize God in his life. He understands that we don’t need to be scared in this life because there is a life after death.  He said we can be sad about this life, but we shouldn´t be scared. His testimony was very strong and really touched me. He is a great man!

Mom, are you counting the days until I get home? Ha-ha! I am super excited to come home! But I will miss the people here…and I will miss the mission life. I am reading a book the President Parrela sent us about maintaining the Sprit after the mission. It is helping me and will help me a lot after I get home. I like how you explained coming home, Mom. I do need to come home. My mission will be there after my mission here is done. And mom don´t worry I will be patient with you guys. You will have to be patient with my English. Ha-ha! Thank you for the information about our family, Mom. You are awesome! 

Dad, my companion and I were having some problems but we resolved the problems. Now we are doing great! I am glad the ward is doing so well. I am excited to see everyone there! Ya, I think I will stay in St. George until August. We will see how everything goes. I have so many stories to tell you guys! It’s awesome to hear about Kurtis´ homecoming. Let’s go up to it!

I love all of you so much! Only 3 weeks and I will give you all a big hug! : ) Ha-ha!


Elder Hauck

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