Monday, February 2, 2015

97th Letter 2-2-15

Photo: Fernanda’s Baptism

Hello From Santa Rosa (Holy Rose),

Amy, congrats on the call! Mexico will be an awesome mission. I think we will be able to communicate with the Portuguese that I learned which has a Spanish twist. I have talked to people that speak Spanish and I could understand them, but they couldn´t understand me too well. Ha-ha--Amish será uma missionaria poderosa!

So the new area is super cool. If you have time look it up on the Internet. It is a beautiful city. There are almost only decedents from Germany and Italy so the Portuguese they speak is a little different. A lot of people speak German here too, so maybe I can learn a little German while I am here. The members here are very loving and help a lot in the work. When I first got here I told some members that I was from Germany and they got very excited. But when I told them that I was just a normal American their excitement left quickly....ha-ha.

My comp is Elder Longo and is from São Paulo. The better part of my companions were from São Paulo. I usually get along well with them and so far Elder Longo and I are getting along great and working great! President Parrela called me and told me that I am to train him as the distract leader. That I can´t leave the mission until Elder Longa knows everything that I know. So I am excited to help out Elder Longo and the mission in anyway I can before I leave. President Parrela is a great man.

So with us both be new in the area that work was pretty slow this week. We spent most of the time finding our away around and meeting members. We were blessed with a baptism of a young woman that is super awesome! From the look of things we have a lot of baptisms coming up. :) Ha-ha! I am so thankful for everything the Lord has given me in my life. The mission has been awesome, yes difficult at times, but the difficult times have helped me recognize blesses and be humble…I love serving the Lord, not just because we need to, but because it brings me joy!

I love all of you so very much!!!

Mom, you are silly with teasing me about Amy's mission call and the Super Bowl! I love the pictures that you sent me! Looks like the weekend went super well! : ) The Christmas and birthday package still hasn´t gotten here.

Dad, I am excited to share with Amy the things that I have learned out here in the field. The president wants to give time for other zone leaders to be trained because a ton of elders will be going home in the next 2 transfers. And the Super bowl??? Who won?

I love you both,

Elder Hauck

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