Monday, February 23, 2015

100th Letter 2-23-15

Picture: Us smashed in a bug before lunch on Sunday

Dear Awesome Family,

Another awesome week of work here in Santa Rosa. We have two baptisms that will happen this Saturday, which will be awesome. And I am just trying to stay focused on the work...I am thinking a lot about home and preparing for what lays ahead. It´s going to be an exciting change.

It’s crazy that, here in a few days, I will accomplish my 2-year mark as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What a blessing I have to serve the whole two years and a little extra. I have seen many changes happening in myself right now that I don´t think could have happened without being on the mission. I am being very blessed for living the gospel and I know I will continue to be blessed. 

This week we had many experiences that sparked up the work a little. We found new investigators and the ones that we have been praying a lot for have progressed. Ana and Samuel are two of them that will be baptized on the 28th and we also have another family incomplete that is super close to baptism. We will pass by their house again tonight and challenge them for baptism on March 7th

This week we also got to help prepare some paper work for the marriage of Ludwig and Tatiani that will be married on March 13th and baptized shortly after. We have found a lot of work here in Santa Rosa. I am so grateful that I was blessed with a great area to die in (die= finish the mission).

So I think that this will be my second to last email that I will send out. I have so many things that I want to share with you that have changed my life and strengthened my testimony. These experiences and testimony builders have showed me and given me the certainty that God lives and the Jesus is his only begotten Son that he was sent to die for us and through him we can have faith, repent and gain eternal life!

I love all of you so very much! Paz seja convosco! 

Mom, I will remember that girls have cuties when I get home. : ) Here it is in the 90´s and it is very rainy now. Sounds like a bunch of new things are happening there. Good to hear…But what did Shaye do with his old Porsche?? I love you Mom! I will send some pictures, but use whatever picture you would like to use for the newspaper. : )

Dad, crazy to hear about the storms there in the US. In São Paulo is where the main problem with the drought is happening here in Brazil. They are getting cut to only be able to use the amount of two days of for an entire week. Where we are at in our mission we have a ton of water from the river Uruguay so we aren´t suffering. Good to hear Millie lasted the two years. I am sure she will remember B-rad 2.0. :) Ha-ha! I love you Dad!

Elder Hauck

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