Monday, February 9, 2015

98th Letter 2-9-15

Photos: 1-The Mission Tour 2-My posterity! My sons had sons!!

Mucho bueno,

The time is falling away from me! Many people told me the time would pass by super fast at the end of the mission, but I didn´t imagine it this fast!

The work is going very well and Elder Longo and I are working well together. The Ward is awesome here and I like the members a lot. I was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting about teaching others by our example. Many members thanked me for the talk afterwards. The Bishop and Stake President are men super spiritual and love others. Working with them is super good. 

This week we had my last mission tour. The 1st counselor of the presiding 70 was there to give us a training. The training was purely about following the spirit and he answered any questions that we had. Some things were a little confusing but overall I think everyone was edified...I learned a lot of new things so it was awesome! 

It is kind of scary. I am getting emails from the mission office with my travel plans, when I will have my departing interview and stuff...ha-ha! I am excited to come home! : )
Something exciting that President Parrela is doing for us Americans that stayed longer on the mission, he will let us go to the temple in Porto Alegre! I think we may have time to even go inside and everything! : ) I am even more excited now. It has been more than a year with out seeing the temple.

But not too much new is going on. We are working hard and planning some baptism for the next weeks. : )

Mom, Santa Rosa is awesome and my companion is a good guy! Ha-ha! Amanda and Amy can sing whatever they would like to. I like a lot of hymns. I love the hymn “The Merviloso Morning” that talks about the first vision. I will look in the hymnbook. I don’t remember the name in English...ha-ha!

Mom I will love what ever you do for the party and what not. I may have been picky before the mission, but now I am not at all. I trust your opinion! : ) The chicken roll-ups would be one meal I’d like to eat when I get home. : ) And I am good with whatever day going to the temple with Amy. But she doesn´t need to wait for me. She should go right now. It will help her prepare for the mission! The new bishopric sounds super cool! Ha-ha! Brother Little is awesome! I want to take biology at Dixie in the summer. I love the pictures! : )

Dad, so gaucho means the people here in the south. Like the people in whole. Ha-ha! I will think about what I will do with a car this week.  As mininas não querem um Gaúcho como eu. Te amo pai! 

I love all of you so very much!
Elder Hauck

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